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Tonight, I saw the Coen brothers film True Grit and found it quite interesting and enjoyable. Hailee Steinfeld is very entertaining to listen to, and her character reminds me of Lyra from Philip Pullman’s ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy. That said, the film did leave me wondering why a young woman of such premature sophistication would maintain such a simplistic attitude about the desirability of revenge. Seeing Jeff Bridges play a hardened ranger was amusing, though also a bit hard to swallow after having been frequently exposed to him as a pot smoking bowler / detective.

Tomorrow, I will be taking a Greyhound up to the border, across to Montreal, and home to Ottawa.

[Update: 29 December 2010] I was amused by this text message, which I received from Fido upon crossing the border into the United States:

Fido welcomes you abroad! Our Travel Packs help you save http://fido.ca/m/usa (data fees apply) Regular roaming rates: $1.45/min, $0.75/txt, data up to $0.03/kB

First, I found it funny that they use the term ‘abroad’ to refer the the almost trivially routine transit across the 49th parallel. Second, I found it curious that their chosen form of ‘welcome’ to a new place is exorbitant roaming rates.

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