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Cheryl McNamara wrote a good op-ed on climate change for The Calgary Beacon. She does a good job of making the economic case for action:

Either lock into an insecure high-carbon system, or legislate a mechanism that sends a clear market signal to nourish an industry poised to surge, bring new life back to our ailing manufacturing sector, create an abundance of quality jobs, and create healthier communities.

Change is difficult. But not when it generates great benefits. By putting a price on carbon that increases annually and giving the proceeds back to citizens to stimulate the economy we can develop a sustainable society for our kids and grandkids. Isn’t that what true conservatism is all about?

Carbon pricing is a policy that we should have implemented decades ago to kick off a smooth transition to a low-carbon economy. The earlier we get started, the less chance that transition will cost, the less infrastructure we will need to scrap prematurely, and the lower the odds that the world will suffer from dangerous climate change.

McNamara is the leader of the Toronto chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby. It’s a group that has sound strategies and seems to be making a difference through political advocacy, intelligent interaction with the media, and direct communication with politicians.

If you have some time to spare and a desire to be part of the solution on climate change, CCL is a good group to get involved with. They have introductory conference calls frequently.

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