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I am entering the final long run of work for this term.

For Toronto350.org, the big thing is the brief we are preparing explaining why the University of Toronto should divest from fossil fuels.

For my coursework, I have three major papers to complete. The final paper for my Incomplete Conquests course – which can be up to 8,000 words – is due on April 5th. I have a meeting with the professor tomorrow to talk about possible topics. Given that I need to give a presentation on the patriation of Canada’s constitution for that class on March 26th, it will probably be a good idea to incorporate that material into my essay. I also need to write the major paper for my year-long Canadian politics core seminar (20-25 pages). It’s meant to be something suitable for submission to a conference or a journal, and it may end up being about climate change and federalism, extending on the short paper on that topic I already wrote for that class. The first draft of my paper for my Self Deception class was not well received. Apparently, a lot more engagement with the literature was expected. Given that I am not actually enrolled in the course, I will need to decide how much time to allocate to the next two drafts, given competing commitments. In addition to all that, I have two more short papers due on the 21st and 28th of this month as well as all the ordinary assigned reading for my three weekly seminars.

For my teaching assistant work, I have a few more tutorials to teach and essays to discuss – then a second midterm to invigilate and grade, as well as final grades to prepare.

At this stage, my own research work (the ostensible purpose of a PhD) is completely on hold while I deal with coursework and teaching obligations and try to keep things moving with 350.org.

This week, I should learn whether I have been accepted to the Global Power Shift conference in Istanbul from June 24th to 30th. That will influence what sort of paid work I end up looking for for the summer.

Finally, for this Friday I need to decide whether to stay in Massey College for the summer. Rent rises to $1,000 per month, and the only meals provided are breakfasts. I could save money by moving somewhere cheaper, but there would be the inconvenience of moving twice. I also need to bear in mind my forthcoming comprehensive examination in Canadian politics. I need to write it on either May 23rd (71 days from now) or August 22nd (162 days).

It’s probably for the best that my camera is still broken.

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. March 30, 2013 at 12:58 pm

Re: Global Power Shift

Dear Friend,

We regret to inform that we cannot invite you to Global Power Shift Phase 1 in Turkey this June. We wish we could extend an invitation to all who applied, but with over 4,300 strong applicants, we had to make some tough decisions to fill just 500 spots.

When we started organizing Global Power Shift last year, we knew that we needed more than a conference of 500 people. To truly spark a planetary transformation, we need to build much more capacity than that, and do it much faster.

That’s where the idea of Global Power Shift Phase 2 came from. After Phase 1 in Istanbul, participants will go back to their home countries in teams to help organize national or regional Power Shifts. These convergences and campaigns will be opportunities to grow the climate movement and win fights at the country level. This is where you can play a vital role. The full potential of Global Power Shift will never be reached without your ideas, energy, and leadership.

We’re beginning to organize Global Power Shift Phase 2 right now, and we want your strategic input. To kick this off, we’ll be having a conference call in two weeks.

Click here for details about the GPS Phase 2 conference call, and to let us know that you’ll be participating.

We look forward to having this and many important conversations with you in the year ahead.

Thank you for applying and being a part of this — onwards!

Bhavik for the GPS Team

Global Power Shift is a multi-year, multi-phase effort to dramatically scale up the climate movement worldwide. Phase 1 will take place in Turkey this June, followed by Phase 2 campaigns and convergences across the globe. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email updates on our homepage.

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