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I’m still sick to the point of having no difficulty in sleeping 20 hours a day. On medical advice I discontinued all the sough suppressants I was taking and began taking extended release guafenesin bi-layer tablets to encourage the removal of fluid from my lungs as opposed to its accumulation.

I’m re-listening to an audiobook of The Martian during my brief forays into the ice world for necessary supplies. Went out to try to make prints for a batch of thank you cards, and found that my USB key had been rendered inoperable. Despite several efforts on different systems to format it, it could just never quite recover from being used as a MacOS installer disk. I was able to collect French bread and some decently reddish mini-tomatoes, as the vine-attached variants on offer in January are all rather pink and firm.

My brother Sasha is playing a concert tonight, which I am sure will be fantastic. I’ve been croaking my way through dissertation interviews and tutorials. The new regime is just advil and the guafenesin, with lemon and honey-laden tea PRN.

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