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Fascinating what you can find online: Canada’s Oil Sands: Connecting Energy Infrastructure with Core Values Peter MacConnachie, Suncor Energy PNWER Meeting, Big Sky Note especially slide 16 and slide 20: the first is their breakdown of the “enemy naming” strategy which the CFFD movement has adopted to assert the moral complicity of the fossil fuel […]


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Number of pages in Word manuscript by date, along with number of desirable research subjects identified, interviews conducted, and interview reports completed: Pages by chapter:

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I know it sounds assholish to say it, but writing books makes life thrilling. It makes me aware of the individuality of every passing moment of time, the progress of the universe toward some state of complexity and development which doesn’t exist yet but which is palpably coming. private to the other dot-orc, I hope […]


Productivity in the context of academic research is an unusual phenomenon. While elements like data entry may have a pretty direct and straightforward relationship between effort and outcomes, coming up with new ideas and writing can both involve a lot of unpredictability and spontaneity. Academic productivity is also social, or at least networked. The extent […]


Where have all the activists gone? The Varsity By Anna Osterberg Published: 7:28 pm, 17 May 2019


Today was the end of term party in the political science department. I showed up in a suit in part to convey to any of my committee members present that I am focused on getting the dissertation done. * I have promised my supervisor two big packages of work. First — The output from the […]

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I have one last blast of grading for my current TA contract: then I have dedicated the summer to completing my dissertation, getting chapters to committee members, implementing their proposed changes, and getting it defended as soon as possible. I’ll be trying to write every day at home, starting with the completion of data analysis.


At the end of January, Middlebury College (home institution of founder Bill McKibben) committed to fossil fuel divestment as part of a four-part response to climate change. As far as I know, this is the first university which had formally said no to a divestment campaign and has since been brought around to saying […]


Louis Sobol recently wrote a piece in the National Observer about university divestment organizing in New Brunswick: Lessons from campaigning for divestment at Mount Allison University. It covers some themes of the movement: the sense of ecological threat motivating people to take action, the dominant perspectives within the movement about intersectionality and progressive allyship, an […]


I am preparing to present a preliminary version of my research results at the Power Shift conference in Ottawa, which takes place from February 14th to 18th. It’s an unusual venue for presenting academic research. The website says that it will “convene hundreds of young people from across this land to build a powerful and […]