April 2006

As part of the process of Blogger to WordPress migration, I really need a plugin that acts like the ‘Image Upload’ function in Blogger. It needs to be able to take a 1024×768 JPG file, upload it to my web server, create a thumbnail in one of a few sizes, and insert the thumbnail into […]


Happy Birthday Ashley Thorvaldson Today was dominated by core seminar reading, catching up on The Economist, and playing around with WordPress. This term is odd in the sense that there are so few times during the week when members of the program are brought together for academic purposes. We have both the core seminar and […]


Increasingly, I feel the desire to be able to do more sophisticated things with this blog. For instance, I would appreciate being able to organize posts by category, as well as being able to send and receive trackbacks. I would also like to be able to host my own content management system, so I won’t […]


Bald, gaunt, in a black suit, black shirt, white tie and iPod: such was the dress of the suave Merton barman who was in command of our efforts at Wadstock tonight. The event was a music festival put on in the Wadham College back quad, with about twelve consecutive hours of bands accompanied by barbecues […]


Early this afternoon, I finished reading the compilation of the Massey Lectures delivered by Stephen Lewis in 2005, on HIV/AIDS in Africa. It’s overwhelming stuff – to be confronted with a problem on such a scale, where perfectly viable means of mitigation, treatment, and control exist, but where the overpowering lack of will on the […]


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Strange day. Strange night. No comment. Ebm, lbh orjvyqre zr.


Today’s seminar for the Global Economic Governance Program was really excellent, discussing the future of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. On the panel were Jon Cuncliffe, Paul Collier, and Ngaire Woods. Overall, I would say that they agreed more than they disagreed. They primarily identified and discussed two areas of interest: the global […]


When corresponding with friends back in Canada, I am frequently reminded about how out-of-touch with national news I have become while in the UK. For me, the Harper government is a distant and largely hypothetical possibility, still in the stasis of post-electoral uncertainty. I remembering wandering around surprised on the night of the election, finding […]

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Last night, I was up absurdly late. I remember hearing the clock tolling six as I covered my eyes with cloth in a late attempt to fall asleep. Understandably, my productivity today took a bit of a hit as the result of such sleeplessness. After attempts at reading, and the completion of yet another scholarship […]


I saw The Constant Gardener with the European Film Society tonight. I found the film to be very powerful, and thoroughly dispiriting. While the specific evils portrayed are obviously fictional, there is a grim plausibility that accompanies them. Humanity has a long way to go. The pharmaceutical plot was actually the weakest part of the […]