Vancouver music in September

One thing I would like to do while in Vancouver is see a concert by one of the city’s more distinctive musical acts: someone like Tegan and Sara, the Vincent Black Shadow, Melissa Ferrick, or Spirit of the West.

Does anybody know of such a concert between September 6th and 23rd, excluding the dates between the 10th and the 12th, when I will probably be taking part in Cabin Fever 2?

Also, would any Vancouver friends be interested in attending such a concert en masse?

Author: Milan

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2 thoughts on “Vancouver music in September”

  1. It’s before you will be here, but the following sounds pretty cool:

    Four-hour boat cruise featuring performances by Crystal Pistol, Spreadeagle, the Manvils, and Red Hot Lovers. Aug. 18, 8 pm–midnight (boarding at 7:30 pm), MV Abitibi (Plaza of Nations marina). Tix $30 (plus service charge) at Scratch, Zulu, Red Cat, and Noize! Records, info 604-734-1611.

  2. The Spirit of the West just performed at the Harmony Arts Festival in West Vancouver. In September you can attend the Fringe Festival and Kelly Sheridan is involved in it. I think that you could get more info online.

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