Powershot A570 IS dead in three days

Three days after purchase, the battery hatch on my new camera broke during the course of ordinary use. I opened it to change the batteries and, when I tried to close it again, found that a little plastic bit was bent outwards. Afterwards, it would not close.

Future Shop refused to exchange it for a working one because they said the breakage was my fault. It was a reminder of just how poor their customer service is. The agent doing the return insisted that it had been dropped, even though it looked absolutely perfect aside from the bit that was bent.

The camera is being sent back to Canon for repair under the manufacturer’s warranty. Hopefully, they will simply repair or replace the hinge assembly. Irksomely, it can only be sent back to the store that did the original sale. When it comes back in a few weeks, it will therefore need to be mailed out to me in Ottawa.

[Update: 16 January 2008] More than two weeks after turning in my camera for repair, it remains ‘unprocessed.’ Perhaps, they say, they will be able to tell me the cost of repair within a week.

[Update: 23 January 2007] Apparently, the A570 has been repaired. My mother has kindly offered to pick it up and mail it to me tomorrow.

[Update: 31 January 2007] Oh, trumph and celebration! My camera has been returned and seems to be functioning properly. No more photos of the day from weeks past!

Author: Milan

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13 thoughts on “Powershot A570 IS dead in three days”

  1. It really stinks!

    I wish I had bought it at Staples – they probably would have accepted that a hinge that breaks in three days represents a manufacturer’s defect rather than customer abuse.

  2. My A550 has a recent problem after 6 months of use: the lens barrier is sticky, so I have to flick it open manually every time. Some internet research showed this is a common problem.

    I haven’t tried taking it back to Staples or Canon yet. Did Canon require you to show your receipt?

  3. Padraic,

    The sticky barrier problem happened with my A510 as well. It didn’t really affect the operation of the camera, so I paid it no mind. I did need to send the A510 back because some dust was building up on the sensor.

    The return to Canon was done via Future Shop. That’s why it needs to get sent back there.

  4. For when you get it back:

    CHDK is an open-source project, with many authors working independently or in loose cooperation to add additional cameras and additional functionality. It can seem like there are an overwhelming number of versions and builds for various makes and models of Canon PowerShot Digic II and Digic III cameras scattered about the net.”

  5. NEVER BUY ANYTHING WHERE YOU EXPECT TO USE THE WARRANTY FROM FUTURE SHOP!!!! EVER!!!!!! They screwed my brother over HARSH with his iPod and all of the many times I’ve been in I think there have only been one or two helpful people. Ever.

    Seriously people, NEVER BUY


    *takes a breath*

    Ok, rant over, back to happy smiles. :)

  7. Did you buy the Future Shop extended warranty, or were you trying to use the 14 day return period?

  8. Did you buy the Future Shop extended warranty, or were you trying to use the 14 day return period?

    I did not buy the extended warranty, though for what it’s worth the customer service people said they would not have done the repair for free even if I had.

    Their argument was that the camera must have been broken through abuse, so they had no responsibility.

    My argument is that the camera must have been nearly broken all along, it just took a couple of days of normal use for the problem to manifest itself fully.

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