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DreamHost is a pretty good hosting company. They aren’t super easy to use, but they offer a lot of configuration power and good value for money. I get some glitches and downtime, but they have mostly been very solid.

If you are thinking of setting up a website on a server you largely control yourself, they are a good place to start (though you will have to do some reading to figure it out).

DreamHost is better than GoDaddy, I think, though some of my complaints about GoDaddy were a bit unfair at the time. I didn’t know enough about caching, database lookups, and the technical side of building sites.

Note: It is much easier to START ON DreamHost than it is to MOVE TO DreamHost. You would think requiring the use of a command line interface to shift over a WordPress installation would be something that you wouldn’t see anymore now that better hosting tools are available.

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