Attention Canadians and Canada-Watchers in Oxford

I am looking for somewhere to follow the election tomorrow a bit more socially than reloading Google News Canada every thirty seconds in my room would be. Does anyone know where an election gathering is happening? Alternatively, would anyone else be interested in attending one?

9 thoughts on “Attention Canadians and Canada-Watchers in Oxford”

  1. I am also looking for something like this: a big room with a television somehow miraculously tuned to CBC, a good smattering of Canadian expats, and perhaps a pint when the whole thing is over.

    Of course, with the time zone difference, this might be complicated.

  2. Be very complicated for you guys in Oxford given time difference and media blackout given Elections Canada does not allow results to be “public” until polls close in BC. I think that could be up to a 8 hr window !!

  3. That is a complication, now isn’t it? I was thinking of the somewhat smaller span between here and Ottawa time.

    What time do the polls in BC close?

  4. Did you see the recent coverage of the Canadian election on The Daily Show? It’s on the website, as part of the recent video on the new Osama bin Laden tape.

    While it’s nice to be mentioned, it really isn’t very funny.

  5. By law, on election night, Canadian news organizations aren’t allowed to publish results to any part of the country in which the polls are still open.

    Because is available everywhere, we can’t publish results until 10 p.m. EST (7:00 p.m. PST), when the polls close in British Columbia and the Yukon. It also means all live radio streaming for CBC Radio One and Two, normally available 24/7 on, will stop at 7 p.m. EST, when the polls close in Newfoundland and results start to come in, and won’t resume until 10 p.m.

    This is different than the last federal election. In June 2004, all Canadian media organizations – including – were legally allowed to publish results across the country as soon as they became available. That’s because the B.C. Supreme Court, prior to that election, had struck down the results ban.

    But in May 2005, the B.C. Court of Appeal reversed the lower court’s decision and upheld the ban. A group of news companies, including the CBC, filed a motion earlier this month asking the Supreme Court of Canada to suspend the ban for this election, until an appeal of the reversal could be heard. The court rejected that motion, so the ban stands. The Supreme Court of Canada will probably rule on the appeal before the next federal election.

  6. So I am guessing the coverage in Oxford will begin at 3:00am GMT?

    That’s a bit late for a gathering, even in a place as wild as Oxford.

  7. If you’re interested, I’m gonna be stuck here at work and probably gonna be glued to

    Maybe you’d like to have a giant MSN convo with other pundits starting at 19:00 PST?

    Lemme know. I think it would be cool.


  8. Being up at 3am, for whatever reason, probably isn’t wise right before the day that includes the philosophy of the social sciences lecture, our core seminar, the CCW seminar, etc.

    That said, discussion will surely follow.

  9. I suppose you’re right…

    Maybe you’d like to start it off by calling a few key ridings? I’ll try to post something to my blog sometime tonight.


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