The shape of Canada’s 39th Parliament

As my brain reels from lack of sleep and I prepare to go to class, here are what I expect will be the final numbers:

Party – (My prediction) – Actual Seats – Vote ShareConservative: (125-128) – 124 – 36.25%
Liberal: (94-96) – 103 – 30.22%
Bloc: (53-57) – 51 – 10.48%
New Democrats: (28-33) – 29 – 17.49%
Independent: (1) – 1 – 0.52%

I need to scamper to my lecture, hopefully picking up some breakfast en route, but discussion will surely follow.

Don Bell, the incumbent Liberal candidate in North Vancouver for whom I voted a second time, won by 3334 votes or about 6%.

The big questions now: What will Harper’s coalition look like? Who will end up in cabinet? How long with the whole thing last, and what will it achieve?

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  1. look what I found this morning! The full text is here:

    Monday, Jan. 23, 2006

    Results leak out on foreign blogs

    As expected, Captain’s Quarters posted early election results. Ed was watching C-SPAN 2’s coverage and trying to make sense of what he was seeing.

    “[The Liberals are] leading in 15 ridings and four of those look solid enough to call, while the Conservatives lead in 5 and 3 can be called. I’m missing the geography involved at the moment, but it looks like the Tories should get a move on …,” Capt. Ed wrote. Later on, Ed got some help from some Canadian bloggers in interpreting the results: Newsbeat1, Small Dead Animals, and Steve Janke.

    Metafilter, a popular group blog, suggested Captain’s Quarters and ProAlberta, a discussion board based in the U.S., as places Canadian could go for illicit election results. CQ was loading slowly all day and ProAlberta was intermittant, occasionnally giving the error message: “This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota.”

    A Canadian in Oxford, who calls his blog “a sibilant intake of breath,” is discussing the results, mostly taken from the two sources above. The Surly Beaver, another Canadian in the U.K., is also posting and discussing results.

  2. That’s right Sasha. I am going directly to federal prison for the rest of my life. Or so I was told by a foul-mouthed commentator whose comment I needed to remove due to excessive crudeness.

    Never mind that I am outside the jurisdiction of Elections Canada. Never mind that I didn’t actually post any early results myself.

  3. “As a Montrealer, I hope that our new prime minister relaxes the harsh mandatory English-French bilingualism requirements.

    En tant que Canadien, j’espère que notre nouveau premier ministre détend les conditions anglo-français obligatoires de bilinguisme.”

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