In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king

The results of the statistics exam are back and, along with at least two other members of the M.Phil, I managed to get a distinction. While that is mostly reflective of the fact that I did statistics back at UBC, I am still glad to have begun my Oxford exam career on the right foot. Here’s hoping it carries through to my qualifying test, during the next inter-term break.

Now, back to my increasingly amorphous paper on neo-liberal institutionalism.

7 thoughts on “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”

  1. Congratulations.

    A lot of outsiders, particularly Americans (and I don’t know if that’s USA or north Americans) seem to struggle with the style of Oxford exams, it being unfamiliar.

  2. “Six MPhil students (and one PRS) received a Distinction (two did not write the test), three failed, and the rest got a Pass.”

    A distinction therefore puts you at the 79th percentile, at least.

  3. Are those six M.Phils just among the people in the International Relations M.Phil, or does it include the sociologists and political scientists who wrote the exam, as well?

  4. Unknown. But the results are for the whole course, not just the exam.

  5. James Tilley says grades will not be provided. All that matters is Pass
    or Fail.

  6. As Adam Roberts has passed along:

    “Following the information sent to you earlier this week about the
    Quantitative Methods results, I have sought guidance about the question
    of whether those who failed on one or more specific assignments, but
    were listed as passing the test, need to redo the assignments.

    I have been informed that the list of results with which we were
    supplied this week is for the overall Quantitative Methods training,
    including both the test and assignments. Only those students who failed
    overall have to resubmit assignments, and they only have to resubmit
    previously failed assignments. (They also have to resit the test.)

    All of you should hang on carefully to your completed and marked
    assignments in both Quantitative and Qualitative Methods. As you will
    see from the Notes of Guidance, bottom of page 20, these completed and
    marked pieces of coursework will have to be handed in to Marga by
    Thursday of 8th week in Trinity Term as part of your submission for the
    Qualifying Test.”

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