And so, the weekend arrives


Happy birthday Gleider Hernandez

I received my examination entry form for the qualifying test today. The page itself is quite cryptic, with boxes containing random looking letter and number strings and no instructions for its completion. I will figure the thing out by Tuesday, when it’s due. I am less worried about the qualifying test before Trinity term now that we’ve had back the results from our quantitative methods course. While I know the upcoming test will cover dramatically more material, I also feel as though I will probably be better prepared for it.

After reading about democratic peace theory for much of today, I went to Jericho with a large group of people from the college to celebrate Gleider’s birthday. It was a good group and a fun few hours. I should probably resist the temptation to do anything lengthy and social tonight. Between the paper due on Wednesday, readings for Tuesday, and the take-home exam being distributed on Thursday, I need to stay on top of things.

4 thoughts on “And so, the weekend arrives”

  1. Glad to see you’re spending more time with you collegemates. It’s an important part of the Oxford experience.

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