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This morning, thinking it may have arrived, I went to the Lodge early and found the letter that Alison said earlier that she was sending. It is always brilliant to receive letters from friends elsewhere: whether physical or electronic and rendered with the kind of care that defines a letter. Alison’s demonstrates an awareness of aesthetics and design that I could never emulate. I am listening to the enclosed CD now: it is demonstrative of her expertise about current music, as well as her excellent taste. As she indicates in her letter, the track “Come on! Feel the Illinoise!” by Suffian Stephens is particularly good. Like Neal, she has taken a turn into country music appreciation.

I’ve already begun composing a reply that is similarly distinctive, but it will take me a while. I conversed with a number of other friends today, both my email and the five instant messengers I have configured Adium to aggregate. In particular, it was good to correspond with Astrid and converse with Meghan.

I should do another batch of reading before tomorrow’s core seminar and then go to sleep early. I don’t feel particularly well.

PS. While I shall not get into the specifics, this weekend showed that some hopes I had been entertaining were misplaced. While it’s not a pleasant thing to learn, it’s probably better than persisting in misunderstanding.

5 thoughts on “Much appreciated correspondence”

  1. I barely know you, let alone anyone else referred to. Too bad about L, but having been through something I’m guessing vaguely similar, you’re probably right. Better to move on.

  2. Ben,

    As a wise friend of mine has pointed out: it is better to know, and the information could have been conveyed in a far crueler fashion.


    Thanks again. I hope we see each other soon.

  3. sometimes clarity is better than ambiguity, even when it’s not the type of clarity you want…


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