Cyclically adjusted

Me and my bike in the Wadham back quad

People will be pleased to know that my mother very kindly bought me a bicycle, from Beeline Cycles in Cowley. I tried both the hybrid – which felt quite good – and the mountain bike – which was obviously cheaply assembled and far too small – and we decided on the former.

The bike is a fast feeling hybrid, with thin wheels, mudguards, and a rack on the back. After having coffee with Emily and my mother, I took the bike out for a ten mile ride to test it out. I went up the Banbury Road, through the countryside to Kidlington, through Kidlington itself, and back. The ride was a reminder that I haven’t cycled in a long while, but am luckily not badly out of form. Using the British roadways for the first time, I was glad for all the cycle paths and the relatively clear signage. Next time, I will try going south.

For now, the bike. will need to wait in the Wadham bike shed until I get back from Malta. I suppose it’s nice to have something to look forward to after a vacation.

4 thoughts on “Cyclically adjusted”

  1. One good quality of yours is that you aren’t half-hearted about things. When you go for a test ride, it’s for ten miles. When you go to grad school, it’s to Oxford. Etc. You should apply that spirit socially.

  2. i’d hardly consider myself buddhist or hindu, but i’m not too attached to my physical possessions.

    that being said, my bike is the one thing that i could not give up for anything.

    enjoy it, milan. ride it hard. also, remember that a little rain never hurt anybody. when it’s cold and soggy, fight that feeling of comfort and ride!



  3. Hope you got some oil, with the current weather (mine’s already showing some signs of rust!) – and that should last you at least your remaining year and a half, whatever you do with it next.

    And 10 miles is quite a test trip, especially for someone who hasn’t recently cycled.

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