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Wadham College Gardens

Tonight’s supervision went really well. Dr. Hurrell seemed unusually positive about my essay, and the conversation was engaging and useful. Afterwards, I spent a few hours with a group of Wadham students. At first, we were in Wadham’s Ho Chi Hinh Quad, before moving to the King’s Arms. There, some disagreement seemed to nearly lead to a brawl, so I cycled home. With a seminar at 11:00am tomorrow, it seemed wise.

I still owe Dr. Hurrell three papers, but I can console myself with the knowledge of seeing Antonia at OUSSG tomorrow, then having dinner with Claire on Wednesday, meeting lunch with Bilyana on Thursday, and possibly meeting Roz on Thursday night. It’s great to be seeing so many friends before they leave for the summer: Claire to New York, Roz to Rome, etc. The Wadham Library also got a book that is fairly essential to my thesis today; it is already secured in my backpack.

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B June 13, 2006 at 2:54 pm

Was it your Wadham friends or random others in the pub who nearly came to blows?

PS. There is a new beta version of Google Earth out. You will probably want to have a look.

Milan June 15, 2006 at 12:44 am

The new version of Google Earth seems pretty similar. The interface is a bit difference, but it is ultimately extremely similar.

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