Imperfectly packed

Happy Birthday Sasha Ilnyckyj

If further evidence that I need to pack very carefully when departing at 3:00am were needed, it has been provided. Even though everything I was meant to bring was in a line leading to my door, it seems I left one small bag of rather essential items behind. As such, my first order of business in daytime Dublin is to replace them before my teeth rot and my hair begins to frighten passers-by. Likewise, an entire class of clothing items need to be replaced, in some fashion or another, if I am not to wear the same pair for the next seven days.

The away-trip plan for the moment is to take a bus to Galway on Sunday morning, then catch a ferry to one of the Aran Islands. Including the coach from Galway to Rossaveal, the Aran Islands leg of the trip should only be about 25 Euros, round trip. Has anyone been to the Aran Islands? If so, which of the three do you recommend: Inis Mor, Inis Meain, or Inis Oirr?

Author: Milan

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  1. What ‘class of clothing’ you ask?

    Cufflinks, of course. With another five pairs, I should be set for the trip.

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