Sweetness in the belly


in Oxford, Writing

Puccino’s coffee shop, off Cornmarket Street in Oxford, makes an effort to be a distinctive place. One way in which it does so: humorous little messages written on the sugar packets. You see one that says something pleasantly absurd, like “Sprinkle onto shoulders of enemy,” so you drop it in some obscure pocket. My standard style of pants have seven.

That’s fine – the packet becomes a lump in a place you never notice… Until you get patted down at airport security, Gatwick. Then, having a lump of white powder with such instructions becomes something of a liability. Good thing you can assuage their fears with relative ease, though the obvious means of doing so might be a bit bad for your teeth.

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Ben August 18, 2006 at 2:43 pm

Lol. Well, at least you didn’t have any more trouble that that, I assume.

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