Inter-Oxford party


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Inter-Oxford Party

Many thanks to those who attended the party, bringing good food, drink, and – in Drew’s case – enough musical instruments to keep us all entertained and my parents bereft of sleep well into the morning. He and Tristan jamming on the guitar and mandolin made for an interesting spectacle at two in the morning.

Not a lot of people have stuck around for the promised pancake breakfast, and fewer seem keen on hiking during this drizzling day while not well armed with well slept brains. That said, the possibility of spending a bit more time with Kate after such a long absence has an appeal that stacks up well against that of marching up Crown Mountain.

At least one or two photos from the party will doubtless find their way online, once I find an hour or so to spend with Photoshop. Since I have my prints and scans from Ireland back, as well, they should appear online in the next few days also.

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Milan November 30, 2007 at 1:43 pm

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