American midterm elections today

Those looking for more polling data than they will know what to do with, for today’s midterm elections in the United States, should have a look at For first year M.Phil students nervous about the quantitative methods test, it might be worthwhile reading as well.

I will definitely be watching the news closely between now and whenever the House and Senate races are settled. Hopefully, none of the quite justified concerns about problems with electronic voting machines will manifest themselves. Unfortunately, the vulnerabilities exposed by the Princeton study and others could be exploited in ways that could never be detected by electoral officials. Anyone who thinks that electronic votingi s secure, with paper ballots and automatic auditing of part of the vote, should watch this short video produced by the Princeton team.

No matter which way this election goes, fixing the mechanics of the electoral system should be a huge priority before the 2008 elections. Relevant previous posts:

Also well worth a look:

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5 thoughts on “American midterm elections today”

  1. Are you going to stay up all night, watching the results come in?


    0000: Virginia and Indiana
    0030: Ohio
    0100: Tennessee, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Maryland, Illinois, Florida, Connecticut
    0200: Texas, South Dakota, Rhode Island, New York, Minnesota, Colorado
    0300: Montana
    0400: California

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