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Because Wadham College is a Grade I listed building, it is not permitted to make any changes to it that alter the appearance. As such, the roofs of the main quad are being replaced in a slow and expensive fashion, the most annoying consequence thereof being that the dining hall will be closed next term. (Note that none of these are good photos; taking handheld photos inside buildings at night rarely has the most aesthetically pleasing consequences. Perhaps I can get a better crop in Hilary Term, through the use of my mini tripod.)

Given that the eight dinners at high table that accompany my scholarship are the major reason for which I spend any time in the college (the other two being checking my mail and printing papers), this is irksome. That said, I would be quite happy to have the dinners shifted to the Old Library, where people tend to shuffle afterwards anyhow. It would be slightly more annoying for the serving staff, on account of being a bit farther from the kitchen, but it is enormously more aesthetically pleasing than either the Old or New Refectory.

That said, I am happy with free dinners, wherever held.

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Milan January 15, 2007 at 3:43 pm

Happily, the porters told me today that high table dinners have been relocated to the Old Library. It is better than dining in hall, really: more intimate, especially when candle-lit.

Milan January 18, 2007 at 3:55 pm

It seems that it’s not just the Hall being refurbished:

“We are about to refurbish the main kitchens and, in order to maintain the
College’s catering operation, a temporary kitchen will be arriving this
weekend. It will be delivered via the Elephant Gate (the gate located
between staircases 9 and 10) at around 08.00. It will take two days to
deliver all the equipment so there will be some noise from 08.00 both
Saturday and Sunday outside the Elephant Gate in Parks Road and in the Back

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