August 2008

Apparently, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an interactive, animated map showing the path of Hurricane Gustav as it nears the American mainland. Here is more Gustav-related material, courtesy of Boing Boing.


Anyone who has been running a website for a few years (and paying attention) will be familiar with the reality of link rot. Sites get redesigned or removed from the web and, in so doing, links you have made to them in the past cease to be functional or lead to the right content. Unfortunately, […]


This document – produced by the World Wildlife Fund – provides a good concise overview of the Emissions Trading Scheme being used to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union. In addition to outlining the basic design of the system, the document describes some of the errors of implementation that have occurred. The biggest […]


Compared with his 2004 performance, Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention the day before last seemed a bit lackluster. That being said, it was a more specific about the priorities of a potential Obama administration. Energy issues were touched upon a few times – the environment hardly at all – but that is […]

{ 4 comments } is a blog with a novel purpose: to showcase high quality photographs that are more than 100 years old. It seems like a neat way of engaging with both the medium and history in general. Some of the recent images are also quite striking, such as this shot of clerks with adding machines.


For various reasons, I have lately found myself investigating non-alcoholic beers: basically looking for one as tasty as the better alcoholic offerings. So far, my success has been limited. I find this a bit odd, given that the only people likely to buy non-alcoholic beer are those who (a) have a considerable fondness for beer […]


In the past, I have posted a few cipher challenges for the cryptographically inclined. Here is a new one: The above is an example of steganography rather than cryptography, though the two can be easily combined. Indeed, the same approach used above could be applied in a far more subtle and effective fashion. To save […]


Since I spent the last fourteen hours sleeping, I don’t have much of interest to convey right now. As a consolation, here is a time lapse video of slime moulds and fungus growing. I have always found slime moulds rather fascinating. They start of as single-celled, bacteria-eating organisms resembling amoebas. If two with matching mating […]


The PALEOMAP project has created some interesting projections of how the continents will be arranged in the distant future. Fifty million years out, Africa will have pushed into Europe, eliminating the Mediterranean. In 100 million years, all the continents will be drawing together. In 250 million years, only two landmasses will be left: a combination […]


The high price of oil and uncertainty about future supplies may have broad macroeconomic impact in the near future. One major area where that could prove true is in terms of where in the world manufacturing takes place. While shipping is generally a small fraction of total costs, the profit margins of some producers – […]

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