Mapping 4°C of warming

The UK’s Met Office has released an interesting interactive map showing what the world would be like with a 4°C rise in global temperatures. Impacts considered include fires, agricultural impacts, water availability, sea level rise, loss of permafrost, extreme weather, health, and more.

The map also shows how Canada’s high latitude location will mean more than average temperature increases across the country, ranging from around 7°C to more than 10°C.

There is more information about the map over at World Changing Canada.

Author: Milan

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3 thoughts on “Mapping 4°C of warming”

  1. All the paleoclimate data we have concerns warming caused by things like slow changes in the planet’s orbital configuration. We don’t have data on what happens when there is a huge belch of greenhouse gases, of the kind we are producing now.

    As such, all projections are fundamentally speculative.

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