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This evening, I visited ArtBank – an institution of the Canada Council for the Arts that has been buying Canadian artworks since the 1970s and then renting them to government offices and private organizations.

The art is rented at 10% of its appraised price, for each year. The minimum term is two years, and the minimum annual expenditure per renting organization is $2,000. The price per work is capped at $3,600, meaning that some of the most valuable pieces are quite a deal to rent. For government offices, the necessary insurance is already in place. Private organizations need to provide written documentation of adequate insurance.

The collection includes 18,000 paintings, prints, photographs and sculptures by over 2500 artists. Sizes range from modest to gigantic. All told, it seems like a rather good resource. It’s certainly a place worth visiting, if the opportunity arises.

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Ashley June 18, 2010 at 9:59 am

Fringe Festival This Weekend:

Hey are you interested in seeing any shows this weekend? There is a Caberet show that might tickle your fancy and some other ones that look to be of interest. Apt613 is live blogging it– if you are interested in going, let me know!

R.K. June 20, 2010 at 10:49 am

the minimum annual expenditure per renting organization is $2,000

At a time of frozen departmental budgets, this might be a hard sell to managers.

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