Google’s investment in wind


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I have written before about some of Google’s energy-related undertakings: their RE<C initiative, their interest in geothermal power, and their PowerMeter project, for example.

The latest Google energy initiative is their $200 million investment in an Atlantic wind power transmission grid. The underwater Atlantic Wind Connection Project is expected to eventually power 1.9 million homes in Virginia, New York and New Jersey at a final cost of about $5 billion.

According to the official Google blog, the line will be able to connect up to 6,000MW of wind capacity to the grid. When geographically seperated wind farms are linked together – along with other forms of sustainable generating capacity – the problems associated with the intermittancy of wind can be mitigated. In total, the area has an estimated wind power potential of 60,000 MW.

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R.K. October 13, 2010 at 9:56 am

Is this a high voltage direct current (HVDC) line? I have read that those work better underwater than high voltage AC.

. October 15, 2010 at 12:17 pm

Google profit surges 32 per cent
Jessica Mintz
Seattle— The Associated Press

Google Inc.’s (GOOG-Q598.2257.2910.59%) third-quarter earnings demonstrated that the Internet search leader is capable of surpassing investors’ short-term expectations while still investing heavily in long-range projects.

Google reported a 32 per cent jump in net income Thursday and provided the most persuasive evidence yet that its past investments are paying off, helping it diversify away from search advertising.

Wall Street was encouraged, and sent shares of Google soaring almost 9 per cent to $589.39 (U.S.) in extended trading after the release of results.

Text links placed above or alongside search results are still Google’s main source of revenue, but the company has laid out billions to beef up its ability to sell image-based display ads, ads inside Web videos and on mobile phones. The company paid $3.2-billion for DoubleClick, a display ad network, and $681-million for mobile-ad firm AdMob.

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