‘Cabbage boilin’ tunes’ with Rebecca Bruton, Wednesdays in October

My friend Rebecca Bruton will be performing excellent and intriguing music every Wednesday in October. She is doing a residency at ‘Somewhere There’ – a creative music venue near the Landsdowne metro station in Toronto.

The music

Rebecca describes the event as:

“Cabbage boilin’ tunes with:

  • Rebecca Bruton – Voice, breastbone-fiddle, mandolin
  • Doug Tielli – Voice, banjo, guitar
  • Rob Clutton – Voice, banjo, guitar, bass, plethora”

Getting there

The easiest way to get to the venue is to start by taking the subway to Landsdowne station, on the green east-west subway line.

Do not be deceived by the address: 227 Sterling Road. The venue is not on Sterling Road, exactly, and it certainly isn’t adjacent to either 225 Sterling Road or 228 Sterling Road.

Rather, it is at the nearby corner of Ruttan Street and Merchant Lane.

Here is how to get to the venue from Landsdowne subway station:

And a photo of the venue:

(The dog may not be there.)

The music will be happening at 8pm, every Wednesday night in October. The event is pay-what-you-can, with a suggested donation of $10.

[Update: 4 October 2012] You can hear some of Rebecca’s music at: http://lilman.bandcamp.com/

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