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Formal dinners at Massey College have already ended for the term, and the last cafeteria-style lunch, dinner, and breakfast are on Thursday and Friday.

After that, we will be on our own until January 5th.

My main plan is to continue to rely on the staple I developed at Morrison Hall the summer before last, where kitchen facilities were restricted to a fridge, sink, and microwave. Frozen vegetables microwaved, mixed with canned beans, microwaved again, and served with hot sauce provide an economical and reasonably nutritious form of sustenance.

I will need to be both sustained and kept on track, despite the absence of many commitments to help structure my schedule. Beyond the grading and term paper that still occupy me tonight, this break demands the completion of a much more detailed version of my PhD research proposal, ideally accompanied by the completion of the update to the divestment brief.

It seems the first Toronto350.org board meeting will be on January 15th, so we also need to sort out our formal bylaws by then.

Based on the last two years, I know how empty Massey will get right around Christmas time. I don’t mind the quiet and the solitude, for the most part, though there are friends here who I will certainly miss, along with the pleasure of spontaneous conversations at meals and in common spaces.

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