Last true term at Massey


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Judging by my email inboxes, term time has nearly resumed. Since junior fellows are only allowed to be residents for three years, this will be my last real term at Massey. Certainly, there’s a chance I will work for the summer residence program again, and there are many JFs who remain highly present and active after they move out. Nonetheless, it’s worth devoting some special attention to using this last term as well as possible.

I don’t think that calls for anything especially elaborate – just a special effort to take advantage of all the things that make Massey special. In particular, that means spontaneous opportunities for conversations, at meals and elsewhere.

I will also be wrapping up my multi-year project of documenting college life from the inside.

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oleh January 2, 2015 at 2:20 pm

I have often reflected on what a special environment Massey College offers. Enjoy!

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