U of T grad school statistics

Someone recently posted a link to the Graduate Association of Students in Political Science (GASPS) email list to the University of Toronto’s School of Graduate Studied Data Dashboards.

There is data on admissions, enrolment, funding, degree completion, and career outcomes.

The data on people doing the PhD in Political Science specifically is quite interesting:

Elements that jump out at me: it seems like about 25-30% of people admitted never complete the program, the median time to a degree is 7.33 years, and most people finish in 5-8 years.

The chart on average gross income for domestic students in the polisci PhD program is also interesting:

The dark blue is the funding package which gets halved in year 6 and eliminated thereafter. The medium blue shows external awards, which are substantial for people in years 2-5. You really can really see the limited degree of income for people in years seven and beyond, almost all of which comes from teaching and research assistant work (the light blue), which while financially necessary for most probably hurts the completion rate for people who reach those years.


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