Wooster’s greatest perils: the eligibly unwed

Jeeves: And if, in consequence, Mr. Winship should lose the election…

Wooster: I imagine democracy would survive the blow Jeeves.

J: The talk in the servants’ hall Sir is that Lady Florence has informed Mr. Winship that if he does not win the electon their engagement will be at an end.

W: Good God! You mean, Florence will once again be roaming the land thirsting for confetti and a three-tiered cake.

J: Indeed Sir.

W: And she may once more turn her attention to faithful old Wooster.

From Jeeves and Wooster season 4 episode 6 “The Ties that Bind” starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.

2 thoughts on “Wooster’s greatest perils: the eligibly unwed”

  1. Harold Winship: Oh Bertie, the trouble is you meet this girl with a perfect profile, curly hair, and a willowy figure and ‘bingo!’ you say to yourself: ‘This is the one. Accept no substitutes!’, little knowing you’re linking your lot with a female Seagent Major with unusually strong views on the subject of discipline!

  2. Harold Winship: I’m going to get Florence to break our engagement.

    Wooster: No, no, no! Ginger, let’s not be hasty.

    Winship: I’m going to lose the election.

    Wooster: But how? The voters of Totley-in-the-Wold would elect Bobsy the Cloth-Eared Bunny Rabbit if he was wearing a blue rosette.

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