4 thoughts on “University of Ottawa divesting”

  1. That is a bit of very good news at this time of all dark stories around the world.

  2. In February 2022, the University of Ottawa (uOttawa) announced plans to divest all its direct equity fossil fuel holdings by 2023 and all indirect fossil fuel holdings by 2030. This was a huge win for our student-led divestment group, but our celebrations were short-lived. The largest funder of fossil fuels in the country remained on our campus.

    The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) shamelessly holds that title. The recent Banking on Climate Chaos report highlights RBC’s ongoing support for fossil fuels. The bank increased its fossil fuel financing by over $2 billion USD in just one year, totaling $42.1 billion in 2022. Since 2016, RBC has poured $253 billion into this harmful industry.


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