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I have a friend for who, every night as I struggle to sleep, I make a point of issuing a hope or aspiration to the universe about: that they are safe and well, and that they will find what they need in life. I don’t believe that such wishes can have any effect on the […]

Now that the darkest part of the year has passed, I’m hopeful we’ll see something like what my Uncle Robert described in an email to me last year: It seems sometimes like things plod along, yielding neither joy nor sorrow; and then suddenly an unexpected series of events, meetings, or conversations; a surge of energy […]



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I feel like I’m free, that I’m doing useful work, and that I’m living life as I want to.

We live under constant threat of sudden destruction via nuclear war. It wouldn’t take that many warheads falling on major cities to darken the atmosphere — making the consequences of even a regional exchange (or the payload of a single ‘boomer’ sub) global, and potentially a threat to the integrity of human civilization. The control […]

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there are non-overlapping gaps in all our memories which leave us confused in our social relations with one another


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Helplessly watching someone you love suffer can teach and change you more than years of academic study, expert help, and suffering of your own.


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“Just one more” is the binding factor in the cycle of suffering.


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if the conditions are right, the brain can create new circuits at any stage of development