As Toronto, Canada, and the rest of the world are dismantling their public health protection measures (masks are now mostly voluntary in Ontario) it seems like people’s frustration has gotten ahead of the reality that there will be further waves and variants, in part because of unequitable and insufficient vaccine distriubution globally and also partly […]


I last flew in 2007, avoiding the practice since because of its unsustainability and the damage it does to the climate. Nonetheless, my objection is to the unsustainable fossil fuel use and not to flying per se. I just think flying makes people travel more frequently and farther than they would otherwise be willing to […]


The Trudeau Liberals have made a supply and confidence agreement with Jagmeet Singh’s NDP. According to the CBC, the climate-related elements are: “A commitment to phasing out federal government support for the fossil fuel sector — including funding from Crown corporations — starting in 2022. A commitment to finding new ‘ways to further accelerate the […]


In my first commercial gig in a while, I photographed a NATO Association event with former Prime Minister Jean Chretien.

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Carleton University has announced that they are following their neighbours at the University of Ottawa and committing to divesting their direct holdings in the fossil fuel industry.

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uOttawa “will divest all its direct equity fossil fuel holdings by 2023 and all indirect holdings by 2030.” The campaign has a press release.


An impression that I can’t shake the more I learn about the personal histories of people in the British royal family is that it has mostly been awful for them, and they might benefit as much as anyone from the abolition of the institution. That makes this argument from Polly Toynbee more plausible: Clearly Britain […]

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I have rarely seen such a concise and numerically-backed summary of Canada’s climate change policy outcomes than this one from Steve Easterbrook’s blog in 2016: Several things jump out at me from this chart. First, the complete failure to implement policies that would have allowed us to meet any of these targets. The dip in […]

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Emma Jackson has an interesting article on the mega-libertarian “Freedom Convoy” protests and what they reveal about coalition building: Whether we want to admit it or not, there’s a lot that the anti-mandate movement is getting right from an organizing and movement-building perspective. For starters, in stark contrast to the Left, the past few days […]


One challenge in the dissertation process has been repeated entreaties to only talk about Canadian campus fossil fuel divestment (CFFD) campaigns, not those in the US and UK. I think Karen Litfin’s 2005 article “Advocacy Coalitions Along the Domestic-Foreign Frontier: Globalization and Canadian Climate Change Policy” may be helpful for making my case that divestment […]