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Since I am going to be home and avoiding people indefinitely regadless, I am cutting out distractions to focus as completely as possible on getting thesis work done.

Perhaps surprisingly, I haven’t really been feeling too confined my by self-isolation so far. I think a big part of that has been losing the two overwhelming sources of stress on my walks: unstable men who seem to be in the midst of a psychological crisis and/or under the influence of a powerful stimulant, who […]


Day 5


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This is day 5 since my possible COVID exposure, and I can’t think when I last went so long without going outside (essentially, going without leaving my room). I have actually been fairly productive so far in terms of dissertation tasks, and it is making my effort to avoid junk food for two months effortless […]


On Wednesday, a team from Chateau Windows came into my apartment for an unrequested replacement of our windows which our landlord wanted. Today, we were told that “one of their installation workers has been in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID”. Shockingly, our landlord said they would come back on Monday if […]


Alie Ward’s Ologies postcast about gratitude was a reminder of the benefits of in-person activities and the problems which arise from the incentives of social media firms. Like casinos that profit mostly from people mindlessly putting money into slot machines, platforms like Facebook and Twitter are just designed to keep people on and coming back, […]


The Guardian is reporting that the “boogaloo” uprising which was threatened for today produced a comically small turnout of a few nuts dressed as soldiers surrounded by far more media and police. I wish these conspiracy theories and fantasy ideologies could be banished to be political fringe as befits their non-existent popularity, but much of […]


Doubtless for those of us who have been following the public health advice to avoid contact with others for nine months or so there have been many disappointments and frustrations. At the same time, perhaps we have each discovered a thing or two from pandemic living which we will stick with beyond. Some of mine: […]



I’m not celebrating NDP premier John Horgan’s successful gamble on an election to secure a majority government. For one thing, I think minority governments which sometimes seek support from the Greens are likely to enact more responsible climate change policies. For another, I have been consistently frustrated by the NDP’s inconsistent and inadequate positions on […]


Toronto is returning to a partial COVID lockdown because of rising case numbers. It has limited practical effect on me since I have been in isolation anyway since early March, only going out for groceries and socially distanced walks for exercise. I suppose the pandemic and the public policy response will always be subject to […]