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Having arrived safely in Ottawa, the first order of business is finding somewhere to live. A family friend has kindly given me a bit of an introduction to the city. On the basis of what I saw and where I will be working, Sandy Hill and Centretown are the bits of the city I plan to focus on.

Since I am only definitely going to be here for one year, I am looking for a furnished single bedroom apartment. Hopefully, some promising leads will develop before I start work on Monday. Being near interesting places is a big advantage; being near the buses I will need to use to cross this frozen city in the winter is essential.

[Update: 14 July 2007] As might have been expected for a task where I need to coordinate information, the apartment search is now on the wiki.

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  1. I am looking for a furnished one bedroom apartment for about $1000, including utilities and high speed internet.

    This map is centred on where I will be working.

  2. The poor lighting employed in Craigslist photos of apartments makes them look a lot shoddier than they probably are in reality.

  3. Sandy Hill is the most appealing looking area, right now. I like how close it is to the University of Ottawa and how nice it looks generally.

    I do want somewhere that is available as of August 1st, if not earlier.

  4. If you are taking a one year lease, you should take your time in choosing a place. You don’t want to get stuck somewhere unpleasant.

    August 1st would probably be the natural date to move in, anyhow.

  5. Lots of possibilities
    Located through the U of Ottawa housing search

    92 Blackburn Ave
    * 2 Bedroom
    * No laundry
    * $625

    152 Gloucester street
    * Bachelor
    * Hydro extra
    * Laundry included
    * $585

    508 Besserer St
    * 1 Bedroom
    * Hydro extra
    * No laundry
    * $625

    404 Daly
    * Heat, hydro, laundry included
    * Bachelor
    * $650

    173 Daly Ave
    * 1 bedroom
    * No hydro, no laundry
    * $735

    55 Sweetland
    * Bachelor
    * No laundry, no hydro
    * $650

    260 clarence
    * 1 bedroom
    * Hydro and laundry included
    * On the 2nd floor
    * Has a yard
    * $650

    205 Cathcart St
    * 1 bedroom
    * Balconies
    * No laundry, no hydro
    * $735

    49 Stewart St
    * 1 bedroom
    * Hydro included, no laundry
    * $750

    362 FrielSt – 1
    * Bachelor w/ sep. kitchen
    * Laundry, but no hydro
    * $765

    67 Daly apt 3
    * 2 bedroom
    * Furnished
    * Laundry, but no hydro
    * On 3rd floor
    * $800

    210 Chapel St.
    * 1 bedroom
    * Laundry, but no hydro
    * $800

    160 Chapel Street
    * Bachelor in highrise
    * Laundry and air conditioning, no hydro
    * $870

  6. At 404 Daly you can walk across the street and use my basement laundry facilities. Where’s my message that you are in town? What are you doing ce soir? First rule of Ottawa: Use your networks.

  7. A few from newspaper classifieds

    Furnished apartment in Byward
    * 1 bedroom
    * 5 appliances

    Waverley Street

    Glebe near Canal
    * $850 inclusive
    * 1 bedroom
    * 613-265-1644

    Metcalfe and Lisgar
    * 238-1616
    * Hotel apartments
    * No leases

  8. Some more detail on the Waverley St place

    100 Waverley Street
    * Includes heat, water, electricity
    * 30 unit building from mid-60s
    * Third floor, looking west
    * On-site laundry
    * 613-232-0840
    * $790

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