New Webspace

As you can see, a sibilant intake of breath has a new home. There are still a few kinks to be worked out, especially in terms of photo posting, but everything should be up and running soon. Thanks for updating your links.

[Edited to add: It’s now 5:37am – late even for those with vampiric insomnia. I am done fixing the photos up to the start of November. I am off to make a tenth attempt at sleep, as Jessica advises. Bonsoir.]

12 thoughts on “New Webspace”

  1. Oy. It looks like I need to go back through each and every post with a photo and re-upload it to the new server. Such are the teething pains of changing hosts.

  2. Well, I’ve done December at least. I will have to go back and do November, October, and September over the next while

  3. Hi Milan,

    I’m at a computer that only has IE and have noticed that for somereason, when you load an individual post, the layout is fine but the sidebar gets pushed underneath all the posts when you load the main index page…

  4. Alas, that happens in some pages and some versions of IE. I’ve asked Blogger support about it and they say it’s an IE bug, like how a gap appears above ‘IR Forum’ in one of the sidebar lists.

    The blog is made in and for Firefox. Other browsers generally work, but I don’t have time to test or tinker for them extensively.

  5. In that case, can I suggest a disclaimer in the sidebar or something, leting people know that if it looks c*** then they should blame IE and not you or blogger?!!

  6. October is done. I am so, so glad that I have the files in my iPhoto library sorted according to the same system I used for the blog. Otherwise, this would be much harder.

  7. I really cannot approve of you calling your insomnia vampiric unless you can provide irrevocable proof of your ability to turn into a bat at will.


  8. Meghan,

    I can do better. I can turn into Agrajag at will, in killing-Arthur-Dent body form.

  9. Now that you mention it, I have seen shades of the mad, fat bat with the oddest assortment of teeth imaginable in your physique.


  10. That’s unfortunate, but you should be glad that you don’t shred your own face when you talk, and have your face stuck back together with black elastoplast.

  11. I don’t really like how the second line of two-line titles in the recent posts list is darker than the first line. I can see the need to distinguish, but this is counter-intuitive.

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