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Cornmarket Street with festive lights

Without entirely meaning to, I have become nocturnal: going to sleep with the rising of the sun and waking eight hours later at nightfall. Now, I just need a black trench coat, a lot of eye makeup, and some piercings. While I’ve always had a generalized dislike towards the yellow cancer ball that looms in the sky – going back, perhaps, to my short-lived baseball days – it may not be socially or academically viable to live outside its time of ascendance.

I spent the time between about 7:00am and 4:30 having some of the stranger dreams of my life. There were live action levels from GoldenEye, as well as a lengthy dream entirely in the form of a peculiar kind of line animation. It reminded me of a series of nine drawings I once saw in a psychology textbook, as well as one exhibit at the Tate Modern. I also remember frantically enciphering things on Jonathan’s old Mac, in his former basement bedroom.

After waking up properly at 4:30pm, still feeling quite ill, I headed off to buy soup and vitamins, as I haven’t eaten anything today and don’t feel up to solid foods. That’s in addition to a newfound skepticism towards bagels as a source of nutrition. Thankfully, this evening was unusually warm; so much so that walking around in a shirt and Gore-tex outer jacket was perfectly pleasant. Hopefully, that trend will project north and east during the next two weeks or so.

On my way to buy nutritious liquids, on account of an ongoing gastrointestinal filibuster against anything more substantial, I received an unexpected package from I also got all my thank-you letters to family members not yet savvy with the electronic mail returned. Apparently, if you put the return address in small letters in the top left corner of the envelope in the UK, they send it back to you saying “Have a 1st class Christmas.” How kind.

Anyhow, back to this mysterious package. Included therein: a photography book, Lego-branded disc shooting weapon, and short note, not including the identity of the sender. If this was an oversight, anyone who sends me an email with the title of the book will get the credit for an appreciated gift. Otherwise, I shall direct it towards the world in general, particularly insofar as it includes my anonymous benefactor. Who would have thought that the day after I acquired my own webspace, and thus proper webmaster status, I would also own a Lego Bionicle 8613 Disk Launcher. Superior Geek weaponry, that.

Aside from two months worth of multi-vitamins and minerals, I now have some five litres of soup and three of fruit juice. I am assering the aforementioned newfound skepticism about grains, base of the Health Canada Food Pyramid as they may be. I personally suspect that the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool got through to them. 10-12 servings a day? It definitely seems to me that someone has been Scrooge McDucking it in one of those whole silos.

I spoke with Neal tonight, who has returned from Hong Kong, where he spent his birthday. Apparently, it looks as much like the setting of Ghost in the Shell as you might expect. (See, for instance) It sounds like an incredible city, and one that I would very much like to visit. I look forward to seeing the photos that he took there and will be placing online. I will put a link here when he does. He didn’t see any ghost-hacked humans, which is probably good, on account of their being so pathetic it’s a shame. Marc and Rae have moved on to Taiwan, Neal back to Beijing.

Nora leaves for North Carolina tomorrow, so I really must go spend some time with her.

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Blue Plastic Straw December 6, 2005 at 10:28 pm

Grains are good in their unrefined, non-bleached state, it’s the milling, pulverizing and otherwise grossly abusing that makes them less than perfect nutrition. Also, one large bagel is the equivelant of 3-4 “grain” servings, so that should be considered.

This is the second time that I have sent a package with a Lego disk launcher included as an afterthought, only to have the recipient more excited about the damn Legos than the actual gift. I have the geekiest friends ever. :-P

Milan December 7, 2005 at 12:30 am


There is appreciation and then there is appreciation that can be broadcast in a very public forum. In such settings, I am a devoted Lego enthusiast.

Thank you very much for the parcel.

B December 7, 2005 at 1:46 am

“Fix the weird gaps that keep appearing at the top of blockquotes.”

That should be easiest. Just a bit of CSS tweaking, no?

Milan December 7, 2005 at 2:08 am

7) Fix all internal links to refer to the new URL.

[Editorial note: Internal links for December and November shifted to new domain, 6 DEC 2005.]

Anonymous December 7, 2005 at 3:19 pm

I was sick of the lists in the sidebar rendering inconsistently. How do people like the new look?

Hilary December 8, 2005 at 2:48 am

I think I’m going to come up with my own code for your various encrypted bits. Then I can read it and marvel at all the nonsensical things you’ve said. It will probably be more amusing to me to read than whatever it is your really saying. *mumbles under breath*

Milan December 8, 2005 at 3:02 am


I’ve issued you a guide to one of the cipher references. Check your email.

Hilary December 8, 2005 at 3:05 am

I saw it :), although I might create a totally nonsensical one as well, just because I’m like that…

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