Journey completed, much to do

Now back in Oxford, I am a bit overwhelmed with how many tasks there are to be completed in the next little while. The first group of them is post-trip consolidation. That includes finishing up the running tally of expenses for Sarah and I and choosing a way to repay her the difference between our contributions. It includes doing laundry, unpacking, and dealing with a huge mass of mail: both electronic and physical.

Also to be completed are the buying of Christmas gifts, the reading of books of neo-realism, and the making of further and more extensive lists.

Just being back on my Mac makes me feel hopeful, however. The blog only looks truly right under Firefox in OS X. Let it be known to one and all that Internet Explorer is a lousy browser. Just look at all the idiotic bugs web designers need to deal with, knowing people will choose to view their pages in IE. After trying for hours to get the sidebar to always appear on the right hand side and not have wierd formatting errors in the lists, I am letting it be for now. For those of you still using Microsoft’s substandard browser, here is a glimpse of how the blog is meant to look:

siob with proper formattingFor your own security (IE has as many security bugs as it does of other sorts) and for the sanity of amateur and professional web designers, please get Firefox. Once you install it, you probably won’t even notice the difference most of the time. When you do, it will be because you note with appreciation how much better a blog or other page now looks.

Get Firefox

4 thoughts on “Journey completed, much to do”

  1. This reflects not only carelessness, but a huge failure of understanding. People who make web pages are generally geeks. Geeks who code, in particular, are by definition at least somewhat obsessive. That’s what coding is. To then present these kind of people with a wildly unpredictable environment in which to try to produce tightly regimented and sensical matter is just cruel. Look at the toll it has taken on you, psychologically, and you have no advanced computer skills whatsoever.

  2. The problem, and other related ones, are being discussed on Jo’s Journal here.

    I am also irked that I was forced to update to a new and much more RAM intensive version of MSN Messenger.

  3. all right, i’ll download firefox. just because you presented two wonderful photos of animals that made my day! i love them. happy holidays!

    -faithful anonymous reader of several years

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