Baltic Trip Photos: Fourth Installment

SAR boat in Helsinki

If I fell in, I definitely hope these people would find me soon. Helsinki harbour.

Coal ship

A ship that seemed to be unloading coal, near the Cable Factory. The former factory is now a collection of art studios, galleries, and free schools – along with a French cultural centre.

Helsinki Industrial Park

Industrial park about two kilometres from downtown Helsinki.

Wok cooked vegetables

A wok full of vegetables. Along with free salad and bread, this is probably the best eight Euro lunch in Helsinki. At the cafeteria in the Cable Factory.

Meters in the Cable Factory

Miscellaneous meters in the Cable Factory. I really like converted industrial buildings, like the excellent Tate Modern in London.

One thought on “Baltic Trip Photos: Fourth Installment”

  1. The second picture in this set – of the ship in harbour – is awesome. It’s my new desktop background. You produced some decent stuff, using what is quite fairly a cheap and limited camera. I hope you get a dSLR one day.

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