Baltic Trip Photos: Fifth Installment, conclusion of the photo binge


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Cultural Centre in Tallinn

The building on the Tallinn seafront that so bewildered Sarah and I. Apparently, it is an ice rink, bowling alley, and concert hall. I still think it looks like a bunker for storing chemical weapons. Photo taken in the Museum of Architecture, also near the port.

Museum of Architecture

The upper gallery of the architecture museum.

Liquor store

One of the great many liquor stores in Tallinn.

Residential building

High density residential building Sarah and I found while looking for lunch.

The road home

A step on the long road home: after the delayed flight and the car breakdown.

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B December 23, 2005 at 3:00 pm

This set is much worse than all the previous Baltic trip photosets. Definitely time to stop.

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