Final reminder, Oxford bloggers’ gathering

Our second such meeting will be happening tonight (February 21st) at The Turf at 8:00pm. I think we should be a fairly easy to recognize group but, if people wish, they can email me and I will send them my mobile number. I look forward to seeing a good number of you there, though I am tempted to dash off for a few minutes to catch the end of the Strategic Studies meeting…

Being elected in absentia is liable to be something of an embarrassment.

3 thoughts on “Final reminder, Oxford bloggers’ gathering”

  1. Thanks for the reminder. :) I’ve been really behind on things the last week or so and hadn’t even realized the event was taking place. I shall certainly be there, I’m looking forward to it.

  2. The Roman statesman and general Gaius Marius was elected to the consulship 5 times in absentia, something previously and subsequently extremely illegal under Roman law. You, if you are elected in such a fashion, should consider yourself among illustrious company.

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