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Umbrellas at The Turf

In one hour this afternoon, it went from being so brilliantly sunny that my eyes hurt as I walked from my seminar to Sainsbury’s to completely gray, hailing, and cold enough to make me wear my scarf for the first time in weeks. I appreciate such drama.

There have already been two inquiries about my room in Wadham, which is certainly promising. My battels for Michaelmas term – including the cost of five non-vegetarian dinners a week – were £927.88. That includes linen and other miscellaneous fees. I presume an equivalent amount would cover the Trinity period: April 23rd to June 17th. According to Susan Sharp, the Accomodations Manager, the room would have to go to a Wadham student, as it is located on the main college site at Broad Street and Parks Road, right beside the King’s Arms and the Bodleian. People interested in having a look should email me.

Congratulations to the other victors in the OUSSG election. Also, my thanks to those who turned up for the bloggers’ gathering. It was interesting to meet some new people, and to see oft-corresponded-with people in person again.

  • This Saturday, I am going to bath with some of the Sarah Lawrence exchange students in Wadham. It’s about 80km away and I’ve heard from a number of people that is very nice. At a minimum, it will let me take some non-Oxford photos.
  • Discussing with Christina the merits of getting a bread knife, I stated that buying such a thing “clashes with my nomad lifestyle.” It’s not that it wouldn’t be justified over the course of a year and a half, but that it doesn’t work with student residential minimalism: increasingly highly (and expensively) educated nomads that we are.

7 thoughts on “Short post, much news”

  1. Unfortunately you’d gone by the time I turned up, but I did meet Andy, Seth and Mike (and Rob)

    I take it you were victorious in the election then?

  2. Yes. My arrival was perfectly time to match the announcement. It was good to have gone, as we discussed the exec changeover afterwards.

  3. I’d argue that buying a bread knife in a world that has automatic bread slicers that make perfect, uniform slices is a little old fashioned…wouldn’t you?



  4. Why would you need a bread knife when you have your lovely butterfly knife? It has certainly cut a number of bagels and loaves of bread…. particularly of the variety that materialize on windowsills in the early morning.

  5. From The Onion:

    Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

    What begins as an innocent, civilized debate over who has the sharpest butterfly knife will quickly turn heated this week, ending minutes later in unforeseen tragedy.

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