May 2006

Walking home from the third and least well attended bloggers’ gathering, through this city of strangers, I found myself thinking about the law. It has been a frequent topic of contemplation for me, of late. The way in which the common law, especially, tries to marry thought with power is fascinating. Precedents, rules of interpretation, […]


This event is happening tonight (31 May 2006) at 8:00pm at The Bear, as announced previously. Both veteran attendees and neophytes are strongly encouraged to come.

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After the Stategic Studies Group meeting tonight, I learned that something can be both ‘green’ and ‘beer.’ Nobody denies that the Turf has exposed people to new experiences. Tomorrow morning, it’s back to the mechanical paper-writing process. There are a number of people with whom I really miss speaking: whether by letter, email, instant message, […]


Caffeine – a molecule I first discovered as an important and psychoactive component of Coca Cola – is a drug with which I’ve had a great deal of experience over the last twelve years or so. By 7th grade, the last year of elementary school, I had already started to enjoy mochas and chocolate covered […]


Happy Birthday Alison Benjamin Matters scholastic I’ve submitted the final version of my research design essay. Many thanks to Claire, Tristan, and Meghan for having a look at it. We shall see what the examiners think. For my part, I think it will form the basis of a valuable and interesting research project – one […]

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To all those who run a blog in Oxford: I encourage you to attend the third informal quarterly gathering of Oxford bloggers, to take place this Wednesday (May 31st) at 8:00pm at The Bear. This was announced previously, but I am trying to encourage a good turnout. In the past, these gatherings have been good […]


Happy Birthday Anna Gillibrand At various times, people have asked me why I write so much about the United States: about the foreign and domestic politics of the US, about official American stances on issues from torture to climate change. The answer, of course, is that the American position on these matters is of crucial […]


I’ve discovered something tasty and healthy that can be made very quickly: less than ten minutes from dishes clean to dishes clean (not counting eating). You need: 1 zucchini (or courgette, as they call them here) 1 tomato 1 can of baked beans Olive oil Chillies Hot sauce To make: Cut zucchini into thin slices […]


Photo from Since I was feeling vaguely ill all day, I made lunch and dinner stir-fries with large amounts of ginger. I don’t know why, but I’ve always found that ginger helps with nausea and general feelings of being unwell. The captain of the Duen first told me about it, during the first LIFEboat […]


Reasons for which working at a book store for the summer – ideally Blackwells – is an increasingly appealing option: Working in a retail environment without a ‘hard sell’ character would be a refreshing break from Staples. Nobody is going to tell you that you need to ask probing questions to determine the literary needs […]