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You would be fairly hard pressed to find a group that relocates as extensively and often as my friends do. I suppose that’s not unusual for students, especially students of international relations who are mostly in the undergrad to internship/job/grad school juncture.

Personally, since starting university I have lived in two different houses of Totem Park, three different Fairview Crescent units, my parents’ house in North Vancouver, one residence of l’Universite de Montreal, Library Court of Wadham College, and in the pleasantly cool basement flat that is my present domain. (Such welcome solace from the heat and sun outside.) As a result of the fact that I can never really count on the address I have written down for many friends to be a current one, I need verify it every time I want to sent something: a requirement that can rather ruin the surprise. It’s better than making further contributions to the dead letter offices of the world, I suppose.

PS. Anything getting sent to me in the UK should be sent care of Wadham College, Oxford, OX1 3PN. Wherever in Oxford I am living, I will check my box there nearly every day.

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