Nought but narrative

Roz in the fields near Marston

General developments

After having breakfast with Roz this morning and walking to Marston with her – through the University Parks – she gave me the copy of Simon Singh’s Fermat’s Last Theorem, which is to be my next piece of discretionary reading. Naturally, having the chance to spend some time with Roz prior to her departure was excellent.

I suspect the Singh book will prove more in keeping with essay writing than de Botton’s novel did. The complete absence of any pressure from Dr. Hurrell to get the things finished has provided excessive opportunity to focus on other things – from the departure of friends to the kinds of sorting and cataloguing that sometimes threaten to consume all my waking hours. I’ve also been trying to coordinate as extensive a campaign as possible to increase the chances of Mica winning the grand final of the Google Idol video contest.

Job search

An exciting job possibility has arisen, but it’s far too uncertain to discuss right now. That said, I expect to have a firm answer about it within ten days or so. While it does sound like something I could do (two friends specifically indicated that they have such faith) the absurdly high rate of pay being offered makes me certain that I cannot possibly be qualified to the level they expect. That said, they are canvassing for applicants only a few weeks before the job is to be taking place. If there are lots of more qualified people floating around with no plans, I would be somewhat surprised.

Upcoming solitude

By Wednesday, I will be the sole resident of the 2 Church Walk basement flat. Both Kai and Alex are heading off in the next two days, with Kai heading back to Germany for the bulk of the summer. On the first of July, Eriko, the young woman who will be subletting his room, is to move in. I’ve met her very briefly. Apparently, she is an Oxford Analytica employee who will be spending her weekends in London and only weeknights in Oxford. That same evening, I will be having a Canada Day party here – possibly co-sponsored by Emily.

The idea of spending more than a week as the only inhabitant of a place like this is an odd one. I’ve never been singularly entrusted with such a large amount of space at once. Past instances of time spent alone in dorms – such as over the Christmas break here – have generally involved a kind of odd retreat from all the world on my part. As such, I hope that the many, many people to whom I’ve extended invitations to come have tea here will take me up on the offer during that period. A few solid kicks of a sort calculated to encourage essay writing would also not go amiss.

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Author: Milan

In the spring of 2005, I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in International Relations and a general focus in the area of environmental politics. In the fall of 2005, I began reading for an M.Phil in IR at Wadham College, Oxford. Outside school, I am very interested in photography, writing, and the outdoors. I am writing this blog to keep in touch with friends and family around the world, provide a more personal view of graduate student life in Oxford, and pass on some lessons I've learned here.

14 thoughts on “Nought but narrative”

  1. The point on the opposite side of the earth from me is at -51.7644°, 178.7366.°

    That puts it about 1000km south of the easternmost part of New Zealand, in the South Pacific.

    Find yours

  2. You can Vignere Cipher as many postscripts as you like, but tell us a bit about this job. What does it involve? What does it pay?

    If you want to find something really good, you need to show more confidence!

  3. You can Vignere Cipher as many postscripts as you like, but tell us a bit about this job. What does it involve? What does it pay?

    If you want to find something really good, you need to show more confidence!

  4. B,

    Originally, I thought it might be more extensive, but it looks as though it would consist of giving one 60 minute lecture on “US/Canadian cooperation in the Global War on Terror,” which should be straightforward enough, given the whole NASCA experience.

    Of course, the prospect of being paid to lecture to undergraduates for the first time is appealing.

  5. Ah. Forty quid is about what you made in a day and a half at Staples, right? Not bad for an hour’s talking plus prep time.

    It’s always interesting to see when you first post a public image of someone. Tends to be a sign that things have moved beyond the secret/romantic phase of things.

  6. B,

    It’s generally a good idea to convince people that you’re not one of the internet’s famed weirdos or psychopaths before you put any great amount of information about them on a website you run.

    As for the lecturing, while the wage was definitely an attraction when I hoped many hours would be involved, if the deal is for a single hour, the experience itself is the more valuable consideration.

  7. Antonia,

    Yes. Tea should be had.

    Amazingly, I’ve managed to get almost 1000 words into my decolonization paper. After finishing a bit more, I need to go vote for Mica from every computer in the SSL, get mail from Wadham, and mail a couple of documents on behalf of OUSSG.

    When did you have in mind?

  8. Wow, you’re taking voting for Mica seriously…

    I was going to ask if the job involved teaching. Did you get the email from Andrew Melling about summer schools today?

    I may well be teaching a few tutorials on free speech and social contract theory, but the guy from St Hugh’s also suggested he was looking for someone (maybe from IR) to teach on Camp David.

  9. Ben,

    If he wins, it’s about 250 Pounds for cancer research in Canada. If not, the money will go to some guys who copied a Beastie Boys video.

    I didn’t get any mail from Andrew Melling today. What is this summer school opportunity? Do you mean the Camp David Accords?

  10. “Apparently, she is an Oxford Analytica employee”

    oh, she’ll be having fun over the summer…

  11. Let’s just say that speaking from personal experience of what I’m fairly sure she’ll be doing, she’s in for an interesting time.

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