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In one of their less well considered comments, The Economist said the following this week, when discussing the upcoming European Galileo Positioning System, which is to exist in parallel to America’s Global Positioning System (GPS):

GPS is accurate to within about 15 feet (5m); fine for navigating a car but too imprecise for pedestrians.

Thankfully, at least some pedestrians seem to have natural navigation systems that operate at such ranges with no satellite data whatsoever. It’s a trick even children seem capable of pulling off.

PS. Incidentally, the Galileo Positioning System seems like a pretty easy thing to implement:

Time – Galileo’s position

01:00:00 – Under the Church of Santo Croce, Florence (dead)
01:00:01 – Under the Church of Santo Croce, Florence (dead)

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Milan September 19, 2007 at 9:49 am

EU monies ‘should fund Galileo’

The European Commission has outlined its plan to get the Galileo satellite navigation system back on track.

The Commission believes the project could be salvaged with the help of unspent EU funds – without additional taxpayers’ money from EU governments.

This would mean member states having to find about a billion more than they expected because of the collapse of private sector involvement.

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