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After an excellent few days, those parts of me not devoured by midges are back from Scotland. Over the three days, we climbed seven proper mountains (each more than 900m), including four designated as Munros. The mountains were quite spectacular – a nice reminder of home – and the fellow walkers were a great pleasure to spend time with. Interesting, knowledgeable, and friendly people all, we had some excellent conversations about everything from quantum chromodynamics to medieval theology. The combination of physical scientists, computer geeks, and a political theorist was nearly ideal. I was really glad to meet everyone, and I hope I shall meet them all again.

Sorting everything out, both physically and in terms of all the data, may keep me a while. Digital photos will appear both here and on as I process them. I should have the roll of Velvia I shot off in the post for processing and scanning shortly, as well.

In closing, I should quickly thank the trip’s superb organizers. The Oxford University Walking Club is an exceedingly professional organization, run by very capable and helpful individuals. I really appreciate the opportunity they granted me.

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