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Lauren Priest and Nick Ellan at Guu

Often, the mark of a good day – and especially a good night – is that you expect it to take several months to really wander through your brain. I am referring to those circumstances that cause a person to profoundly question essential bases of belief. Now, it is almost never the case that such questioning leads to a real personal reversal; by this point, essential beliefs are deeply established. Rather, those nights that seem as though they could contain the possibility for self redefinition are those that hold the dual power of either upsetting the existing balance, or reminding you that the pivot upon which it lies is more stable than you might have dared to hope before.

Much less cryptically, allow me to offer my sincere endorsement to Guu – a Japanese tapas restaurant to which I was led by Nick. As always, his taste did not disappoint. It is not often that one can simply order all the menu items, then discuss them with friends. Such discussion has nothing to do with personal reflection, and everything to do with the sublime chemistry in which all organic beings are embedded. Getting a medical degree seems almost worthwhile, just to understand it better. Of course, I could never stand the terror of such constant reminders of how delicate, infectable, and mortal we all are.

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B September 15, 2006 at 6:05 pm

Excellent photo. The thematic blurring really works well.

Lauren VP September 20, 2006 at 1:06 am

Hi, Could you send me the photos from this night? And any others you might have kicking around? Thanks

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