Clever way to protect cameras on planes


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Blatantly stolen from Bruce Schneier’s blog (he stole it from Matt Brandon’s blog), this idea seems really clever. If you are travelling in the States with expensive camera gear, put a starter pistol in the locked box in which the camera equipment is to be transported, then register it as a weapon.

The airline safety people will then treat the luggage as though it contains a dangerous weapon, and you can be more certain they will not lose or blatantly mistreat it. A very neat way to make security procedures work for you. Of course, you can be quite sure they will x-ray it, so this doesn’t help with the problem of transporting film on ever-more-jittery airlines.

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R.K. September 24, 2006 at 10:57 pm

This is old news.

Conservatives have been telling us for years that concealed guns are the way to reduce crime. :)

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