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Iason Gabriel, Claire Leigh, Milan Ilnyckyj, Bryony Lau, Alex Stummvoll, and Emily Paddon

Most of today was spent giving my father a fairly comprehensive tour of Oxford: south of Wadham College. Starting at Wadham, we went up Hollywell Street to New College where we saw the walls, mound, and cloisters. Then we carried on to Manor Road and the Department of Politics and International Relations. Down Longwall Street, we came to the High Street and headed up to Carfax. On the way, we ducked into Queen’s College, University College, and All Souls. We also picked up the Scholar’s Gown that Alex and Bryony so thoughtfully gave me for my birthday.

On the way to lunch at the Vault and Gardens, we had the good fortune to run into Claire, Emily, Iason, Alex, and Bryony. It would have been hard to arrange so fortuitous an encounter. From there, we took a bit of a detour to see Nuffield College and the Oxford Castle. After a lunch involving excellent marinated tofu (I asked the staff how it was prepared), we went up St. Aldates Street, past Christ Church, to the Folly Bridge. Before reaching the bridge, we ducked into the magistrates court, at my father’s request, and watched a few minutes of a trial.

We then walked along the Isis to see the Greylag Geese. I have never seen the river so swollen with rainwater. The bank is almost completely submerged and the River Cherwell (normally a tranquil spot for punting) had an aggressive rate of flow. Walking along it, near Magdalen College, I saw that a number of sports fields have been flooded.

After heading back up the High Street to Carfax, we got some coffee and then went to have a look at Blackwell’s. All told, we were walking for about five and a half hours. I am now left with the time between now and dinner (with Claire and my father) to work on readings for tomorrow’s seminar. Even when you are very tired, it can be rather satisfying and fun to just crash along.

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R.K. November 30, 2006 at 12:41 am

When is the tour of North Oxford slated?

. October 1, 2008 at 9:51 pm
Milan January 24, 2012 at 8:42 pm

Carolina, the wife of my friend and former flatmate Alex (second from the right, above), just had a baby: Lucas Karl Stummvoll Roco.

My very best wishes go out to the three of them.

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